BJP no threat to Cong: Gogoi

Gogoi addresses the news

conference in Guwahati on Monday.

Picture by UB Photos

Guwahati, Nov. 30: Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi today picked up from where he left off yesterday, saying the BJP’s use-by date has expired and it would pose no threat to the Congress in next year’s Assembly elections.

Talking to reporters at the chief minister’s conference hall, Gogoi referred to the BJP comment that the Congress medicine had passed its expiry date. “If that were to be so, I wonder why they are still spreading so much canards against us. In fact, it is the BJP which has lost its use. The Bihar elections was the battle of Kurukshetra where the party faced a humiliating defeat,” said Gogoi.

After calling the Assam BJP leaders “spineless” yesterday – a point he repeated today – Gogoi picked on his one-time “blue eyed” minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, describing him as a professional singer who would sing paeans to anybody to suit his own interest.

Sarma joined the BJP recently and has quickly climbed to a position of eminence in the state unit of the party – he is now convener of the party’s election management committee.

Calling the state BJP leaders “spineless” yet again, Gogoi said he couldn’t care less about them. But it also became apparent that he could not forget them either, at least some of them, namely Sarma.

“Himanta had criminal charges against him, he is an opportunist and a professional singer, who if asked, will be ready to sing paeans to anybody, even All India United Democratic Front chief Badruddin Ajmal,” Gogoi said.

The AIUDF is turning out to be the “untouchable” for the Congress and BJP alike with both trying to prove that the other is in league with the party that some quarters allege is of Bangladeshis and for Bangladeshis. It is likely, though, that the AIUDF could be the party that some may have to turn to while forming the government next year.

If it is Sarma on Gogoi’s mind then his son Gaurav cannot be too far away. It is said Sarma’s honeymoon with Gogoi and the Congress started turning sour once Gaurav joined the party and then went on to become a Lok Sabha MP.

“They (BJP) say Gaurav is ruling the state. Do you think the chief secretary and all the other secretaries are sitting idle? When did he (Gaurav) interfere in the work of the officials? I doubt whether Gaurav knows any officer in Dispur,” Gogoi said with chief secretary V.K. Pipersenia by his side on the dais from where he addressed the news conference that had less to do with governance and more to do with politics, more particularly the coming Assembly elections and, of course, the BJP – the ” bijotoria (degenerated) party”.
ByRajiv Konwar